I want to write one page about news release topic and what Audiences you may choose to address your news release to. follow the instructions below

News Release Topic:

There has been a virus outbreak across the United States. You are a member of an elite Government Agency commissioned to reach a specific demographic of citizens to share with them the impact of the virus on their lives and how they can prevent contracting it.

Before project completion, you should identify and determine:

  • The target audience and an audience analysis
  • The purpose of the message
  • An explanation of the advantages of the medium
  • An explanation of why specific content was used
  • Why the content was organized and communicated in a particular manner

Audiences you may choose to address your news release to are as follows: (choose one)

1- Your audience will consist of parents of school-aged children. Your focus should be on convincing the parents that their children need the vaccine and how to get it for them.

2- Your audience will consist of non-English speaking individuals in the United States. You will need to ensure you pay special attention to your message placement and avenues of communication.