Overtime Exemptions Worksheet




Read EG chapter 7 and the Overtime Exemptions Regulations (I will attach these) and work on the Overtime Exemptions Worksheet

Overtime Exemptions Worksheet

Note: The “white collar” exemption means the exemption from overtime pay for bona fide executive, administrative, and professional employees. See pp. 152-155.

1. To qualify for the white collar exemption from overtime, a worker must be paid a weekly salary of at least: $_________

Hint: The law changed 5 months after the book was published.

2. Which deductions can be taken from the salary of a white collar employee?Type yes or no. Or maybe.

_____ 4 hours pay for the half day the manager took off for a dentist appointment

_____ one day’s pay for a day of intermittent unpaid leave under the FMLA

_____ two day’s pay for the two days the manager was out sick

3. Which overtime exemption applies to the worker?

Executive, Administrative, Professional, or None. Or maybe. Assume they are paid a weekly salary above the legal minimum.

___ Carla is a hotel night auditor. She reviews the day’s business records, prepares daily financial reports, and prepares bank transactions. She doesn’t supervise anyone.

___ Wolfgang is a lead cook at Spargo restaurant. He spends most of his time cooking, but he also assigns work to the other cooks and schedules their breaks.

___ Rachel is a shift manager at a small restaurant. She is responsible for managing the entire restaurant during most of the shift, but she spends more than half of her time seating customers, running food orders, and keeping the bar area clean.

___ Robert is the human resources professional responsible for making sure the company complies with all of the minimum wage and overtime laws. He supervises one part-time worker who helps him collect work records to review.

___ Russell is an assistant front desk manager. He spends most of the time supervising the front desk agents and also interviewing job applicants. When it gets busy at the front desk, he helps the agents checking guests in and out.

___ Jane is a manager at Starbuck’s. Go ahead and Google it. Seriously.