pap smears

Immigrant Vietnamese women in Australia and other parts of the world have high rates of cervical cancer. The Pap (Papanicolau) Smear Test is a screening procedure to identify incipient cervical cancer.

Your Task:

Please read the following articles/abstracts and then formulate a discussion, 6+ pages, on what are the best ways to promote pap smears, other screening procedures, and health in this group. Also, comment on communication issues that have to be taken into consideration when delivering a health message to Vietnamese women. You can also use the knowledge on cultural competence you acquired in Module 1.

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Nguyen, T.T., McPhee, S.J., Bui-Tong, N., Luong, T., Ha-Iaconis, T., Nguyen, T., et al. (2006). Community-based participatory research increases cervical cancer screening among Vietnamese-Americans. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 17(2), 31-54.

Please use all four articles and/or abstracts. Additional references are optional. Make sure to cite all references properly.