Paper or Presentation

Develop an 8-10 paper (reference pages are additional pages) OR at least a 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation on a specific global environmental health issue. It is important that you narrow the topic down to a specific issue and a specific country (or countries).

If you do the 8-10 page paper part of this assignment, you must follow the guidelines of the most recent copy of the APA manual of style (appropriate referencing within the text and a list of references at the end of the paper is expected).

In regards to the at least 10 slides PPT, you will need a title page, an overview slide which explains the purpose/objectives of the PPT, slides that provide a more than adequate coverage of the specific global environmental health issue you are addressing, a summary at the end of the key points, and a slide or two on the references used to develop the PPT. Use pictures/charts as is appropriate in the slides of the PPT, but do not over use or under use pictures/charts. Do not put too much information on any one slide (you can always have a continuation slide). All text and titles in the PPT must be in bold face.

No plagarism please.