Paragraph 3

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Generally, to build up a healthy family relationship is very challenging for every family. Being in a second marriage is even more challenging for both partners as it involves the children from each partner if there’s any including step daughters and stepsons in a new family structure. Each partner and children may have been used to different responsibilities, values, behaviors, rules and roles before a second marriage and this can create imbalances and issues in the family trying to adjust to a new family. In order for a new family to be maintained and function as one, private time should be arranged frequently by each partner to form and put up a plan that would help address and institute new roles, rules and responsibilities.

A family that is blended together from previous marriage need to talk and decide about the different roles and responsibilities that each family member should undertake. Moreover, responsibilities should be provided to children based on their age when teaching and learning of responsibilities. To be well fitted into the lives of their stepsons or stepdaughters new couple need to determine the roles each partner will assume. For example, assuming the role of a father or mother is better suited to the step children when they are age 0 to 10 and a role of a mentor, coach and uncle or Aunt will be more appropriate if the step children are teenagers in order for them to feel more comfortable. For a blended family to work and more comfortable, parents should create an environment where they can communicate openly and listen to others. The family can function effectively when there is effective communication, ability to express emotions, responsiveness to needs of members as individuals, and problem solving ability” (Edelman & Kudzma, 2018) The needs of the family members should be identified and understood as a key practice in a blended family, family meetings should be held often in order to maintain a good relationship. When all these practices are put in place and the family continues to encounter problems, then a family therapist should be involved.


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