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Reassigning available resources

This is an act of allocating resources in the department for different uses, and it can be accomplished through marketing and central planning. In regard to re-warehousing Houssema (2009) suggested that two models namely first improvement local search and simulated annealing can be used to optimize warehouse logistic configurations. The two methods are used to relocate the quantities of commodities to a new location. In fact, it is achieved through various move operators that direct the items to selected areas.

Warehouse slotting

It can be described as the placement of items inside a warehouse distribution center. It aims to utilize the accessible warehouse space in order to enhance storage and picking efficiency. They also need to reduce the cost by boosting items location and changing workload. In order to accomplish its objectives, the following processes are followed: strategy, area, and product velocity; company rules reviews and maintenance, item configuration and packaging, and framework.

IT integration

They are services that have led to advanced company logistics through the growth of flexible capabilities and obtaining new technicals to raise effectiveness thus enabling the company to prosper. Therefore, the IT helps in changing existing procedures and framework investments into new capacities, streamlining business forms administration and execution, diminishing improvement cycles and upkeep costs while enhancing quality, and finding how to disentangle your IT foundation and improve your IT working model. Through use of this mechanism, they will eventually change the customer experience that needs speed and precision where traditional methods cannot be used

Outbound and inbound logistics

Inbound is described as shipments that are coming into the company. These operations include transport, storage, and delivery of commodities to the business. On the other hand, outbound logistics are shipments that are distributed to different clients from the company. Therefore, it comprises of items that are going out of the premises. Both usually combine in the areas such as supply chain management to help stewards in maximizing the reliability and efficiency while reducing expenses in transport, distribution, and storage costs.