“Pearl’s Diner” – Video and Questions

Click the following link to the animated short “Pearl’s Diner”:

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(Hold the CTRL button down and click on the word Link. The video will come up in a different video).

Answer the following questions (10 points) and answer the following questions, and respond to (10 points) by Sunday midnight):

Pearl’s Diner Questions

  1. Most of the customers in “Pearl’s Diner” are talking, but few of them are communicating. How is “Pearl’s Diner” a microcosm (or, a small-scale example) of the larger American society?
  2. Why was Pearl upset? Did she have an opportunity to rectify the missed communication? If so, did she? Why or why not?
  3. There were other opportunities for “communication connections” in the film. What were they? Were the connections made? Explain.
  4. “Pearl’s Diner” is used in a variety of classes, including communication, psychology, sociology, and education. Why and how is this a film that can cross cultures and cross disciplines?