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Persuasive Essay Assignment

Choose one of the following topics, and write a 1000-word argument paper on it (between 3 and 3.5 pages, double-spaced, excluding the Works Cited section). Note that many of the topics in the list are too general and need to be narrowed and focused first. You need to incorporate at least 3 sources into your research. At least two of these sources must be scholarly (peer-reviewed journal articles and/or academic publisher/university press books); one can be a reliable source (non-scholarly books, magazine articles, and websites of reputable newspapers and magazines. Essays in your Reader’s Choice textbook are all reliable sources.)

TOPIC: How has television influenced the youth today?

Important Points

In this paper, you argue for a position with enough supporting evidence, while incorporating and refuting some counter-arguments. Read carefully the document titled “Tips to Help You Write a Better Persuasive Essay” (to be found in the folder containing the current file on Blackboard).

Be sure to integrate quotations effectively. This means that you should not drop quotations from secondary sources into your essay. You need to introduce each quotation and explain its relevance to your argument. You will lose marks for ineffective quotes. Use the following page, if needed:

Be sure to use the correct MLA format for all in-text citations and for the entries on your Works Cited page (Have at hand your textbook).

Persuasive Essay Rubric

Important: Primary Criterion

Adherence to the assignment is vital: have you done what you have been asked in the assignment (taken a definite stand on an issue, argued for it with a clear and sound argument, anticipated and effectively refuted possible counter-arguments, and used enough number of secondary sources) or have you delivered an inappropriate kind of paper (not done the job mentioned above in the parentheses)? Needless to say that all the criteria listed below are reliant upon this one primary criterion, which if not observed will cost you a significant part of your mark.

Organization and Logic / 70

ü Concise Powerful Introduction(you introduce the topic, your thesis, and the supporting points, and link all of these together. In other words, you set up a roadmap for the rest of the paper) / 10

ü Smooth Transitions(your moves from one point and from one paragraph to the next are smooth, obviously connected and related) / 5

ü A concise catch-all concluding paragraph / 5

ü Argument Quality(your points actually provide evidence for your argument; your reasoning is sound; the argument structure is clear; you address both cons and pros of the topic: arguing for your own position as well as anticipating and refuting the counter-arguments in a valid and decipherable way and answering them effectively) / 30

ü Enough specificity(Relevant Frequent Quotations, Examples, and/or Evidence from the Secondary Sources to avoid vague general unsupported claims) / 20

Proper English(grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and so on) / 15

Adherence to MLA Style (proper referencing, Works Cited, page layout, in-text citations, paper length, and so on) / 15