Persuasive Research Essay about contemporary 21st-century artist.

I have attach the below PDF file about the essay and the guideline. Need to be in Chicago format style. I pick an artist already and the artist name is Takashi Murakami. You can use any of his artwork to compare and talk about it. I also will upload another file a small outline about him of what I want to write about, but you can always do differently such as changing the thesis statement but keep the same artist.

  • This is an argument style essay. You will be stating your position in a thesis statement in the introduction and persuading the reader to your point of view. (Your position need not be all “pro” or “con.” You can broaden your discussion by comparing and contrasting work or including some form of counter argument.)
  • In the body text, students will elaborate on the effectiveness or impact of the work chosen for discussion by presenting at least three specific examples to support your claims. Your examples serve as evidence for your thesis statement. For examples that are integral to your discussion, you will write descriptions of how the works look, their objectives, and their content. (Remember what you learned from writing a formal analysis paper.)
  • You may choose any combination of examples from a specific artist(s)’ designer(s)’ work, group, collective, action, or event.
  • 1) Discuss works based on related themes or concerns2) Discuss audience engagement or interaction: the relationship of the work to its audience3) Discuss distribution strategies or locations of selected artworks or design projects4) Discuss media coverage (or lack of) how the work is being represented in the art and/or mainstream press5) Discuss any political or social changes as a result of the work; the work’s broader influence, results, or outcomes.6) Discuss technological issues (see posthumanist or transhumanist issues)7) Other (but you must be clear)
  • This assignment requires a minimum of five TOTAL secondary sources as part of your discussion taken from any combination of newspapers, magazines, journals, or books. These sources will be articles and essays from SJSU or other online databases and from verifiable, established publications and books available online and in print. Informally published electronic resources (blogs, websites, social media,video) from the Internet can be used and must be cited, but will not count toward the five required sources. (See explanation below for definitions of online resources.) All material will be properly cited for your Endnotes and Bibliography. Use of primary sources is encouraged, but does not override the assignment’s secondary sources requirement.
  • • Have a well-developed topic outline or one-two paragraph narrative overview that specifically describes how you will organize your paper. Mind maps or other visual organizers are acceptable, but must have adequate detail to convey your ideas.• At least 1 1/2 – 2 pages of text/content development.• An informal, annotated bibliography of at least three sources you have found to date. An annotation is a brief summary of the content of the reference material, with an explanation why you think it is relevant to your research.
  • • Use summarizing, paraphrasing, and direct quotation in your final version with corresponding Endnotes.
  • • In the final version of your paper, you will demonstrate your understanding of accurate paraphrasing and direct quoting. In your body text, highlight or underline two examples of a paraphrase and one example of a direct quote. Include (after your Bibliography) copies of passages from the original source material (that you highlighted or underlined in the body text). You need not copy entire chapters or articles, just the specific passage that you have paraphrased or quoted from. You can photocopy or screen shot the original source page.