PICO chart

Relevant studies?

How would you narrow your search so that the studies returned are closer to the ones you need to support your intervention?


I found that on CINAHL website and some others if you find an article that fits your PICO question there is a tab to click for similar articles. It helps to narrow down the article search because you can still add key words to continue to get a focused PICO result search. The PICO format question has three important parts. The first part is to get the question to focus on the single most significant issue and outcome. The next step is to do a computerized search by selecting the language or key terms to be used in the research search. The last part allows for the search to assist in identifying the problem, intervention and outcomes related to the treatment of care for the patient. The clinical information to frame a research or therapy question for prognosis or diagnosis is the basis of the PICO framework. (Brandt Eriksen & Faber Frandsen, 2018) A challenge would be to try this and see if you can get your SU library search from 215 and 40,053 articles to a smaller more focused result that relates to your PICOT question.


Brandt Eriksen, M., & Faber Frandsen, T. (2018). The impact of patient, intervention, comparison, outcome (PICO) as a search strategy tool on literature search quality: a systematic review. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 106(4), 420–431. https://doi.org/10.5195/jmla.2018.345