Play Analysis

Worth 150 points

One can never really understand theatre without experiencing theatre, so for that reason, you must see a play.

Watch the Moorpark College production of Romeo and Juliet at the link below:

Link (Links to an external site.)

Afterward, write a short paper telling me about your play viewing experience based on the things we have learned in class.

  • Try to identify what kind of theatre it is.
  • Playwriting: Identify a moment of exposition, the conflict, climax, and denouement.
  • Acting: Identify one or two actors and tell me about their performance.
  • Directing: What do you think was the director’s core concept? High concept (if there was one)? Do you agree with it? What would you have done differently?
  • Design: Identify set pieces, props, lights, sound, projections, etc that serve the story.
  • Dramaturgical: What was the theme of the play? Why do you think this?

Please name the actors, director, playwright, and designers you are talking about. This is the March 13th cast. A pdf of the program can be found here:


To be clear, this is not a book report. I do not need an entire synopsis of the play, instead, just give context to explain your ideas.

Please keep the entire paper between 2-4 pages. Typed, 12 font, Times, double spaced