Policy Issue Assignment

Assignment Details Below:

Provide instructor with a team policy issue that you would like to read and address. Once you submit your team’s topic, read the scholarly journal article and address in a two page paper the issues in an essay with your partner.

Make sure that your essay is two pages.

The questions below can help you and your partner with addressing your essay. You do not need to use each question. However, you may find it useful as it relates to essay consistency.

  1. What is the definition of a policy? (Please cite using a scholarly journal article).
  2. What is the policy issue that you will address?
  3. Why is this issue policy issue important? (Please cite using a scholarly journal article).
  4. How does your scholarly journal article correlate to the policy issue? (Cite article)
  5. What other scholarly journal articles did you use to support or oppose the policy issue? (Share what the purpose of the other articles has to do supporting or opposing your policy issue)?
  6. What is the problem(s) or issue(s) of concern?
  7. What is a limitation or limitations in the study?
  8. What future research should be conducted? (Examine quantitative scholarly journal articles).
  9. What would you do to address the issue? List two or three possible solutions.

Use APA format when completing this assignment. Please include a cover page, abstract, body, and a minimum of three in-text citations from scholarly journal articles. Note: Your in-text citations should also be reflected in your reference section.