Political Analysis,Writing homework help

This is the most labor intensive project of the semester.

It requires professional research and critical thinking and is intended to promote interest in world events.

Report – Political Analysis

35 Findings due by e-mail Wed, 10/19

Scenario: You are a political analyst employed as a consultant by a congressman who is serving on a committee focused on foreign relations. In conjunction with the British vote for Brexit, your current assignment is to prepare a report that reviews the history of the European Union, its main issues since its inception, and project the ramifications for the next 5 years.

To develop your projections, review the history, identify 35 major events across time and then reduce to what you regard as the 25 most important events and actions. Prepare a report that includes your findings and your projections, based on evidence drawn from your findings. The last piece is the most important part of the assignment – it requires you to think critically, to analyze, to synthesize, and to evaluate ideas.