Political Science Week 3 Homework

Hey, there is a book for this work that you should read. It is available in MSU’s library.



This week is devoted to the Petersen book, Acting for Endangered Species. Read the entire book before addressing these questions.

History of Endangered Species Protection

  1. Prior to the ESA, what kinds of species were protected and why?
  2. Why was the ESA enacted in 1973 and why, for what has become such a controversial statute, was it enacted so easily?

Snail Darter

  1. Why did the FWS refuse to list some species after the snail darter controversy?
  2. What role did private citizens and NGOs play in the snail darter controversy?

Spotted Owl

  1. Why was the tiny NGO “Greenworld” the initiator of the spotted owl listing issue, instead of a larger, better-established group?
  2. What was the legal issue in Babbitt v. Sweet Home and what was the Court’s holding and reasoning?

3. Why is this book subtitled the “statutory ark”?