powerpoint about monte rissell

I want a powerpoint about Monte Rissell. providing all the points below.

Portrait of a Criminal Presentation

At the end of this appendix is a list of infamous criminals that can be used for this presentation. On the designated day in class, you are to pick one you would like to research and learn more about. You are going to create a Powerpoint presentation, that should last no more than 5 to 6 minutes, in order to share the portrait of this criminal with your classmates.

The areas to include in your presentation are as follows:

  • Introduction: Introduce your criminal. What is his/her name? What crimes did he/she commit? What was he/she convicted for?
  • Risk Factors: Based on your review of the research, identify at least three risk factors the individual showed early in life that may have predisposed him/her to criminal behavior. Remember these can be developmental, biological or learning and situation factors that may have contributed to the individual becoming a criminal. You should identify risk factors from at least two of these areas.
  • Classification of Criminal: Identify what type of criminal he/she would be considered based on the various categories we have studied throughout the semester. Provide evidence of at least two reasons why the person would be classified in the category you have placed them.
  • Theory: Choose a theory that can possibly explain why this individual became a criminal. This can include a discussion of what their motivation may have been for the crimes and/or how a theory of aggression might apply to the individual.
  • Conclusion: Conclude your presentation with a brief discussion of where he/she is now. Is the person still incarcerated? If so, where? Is he/she filing appeals to overturn court decisions? Is he/she up for parole soon? If the person is deceased how and when did that happen?

In order to complete this presentation, you are to use academic resources to find your information. This can include books, journal articles, court records or government websites. It should NOT include websites such as Wikipedia or any other websites where the information cannot be verified as accurate. If you are in doubt of the quality of a reference and if you should use it or not please as your professor.

You should create a Powerpoint presentation to present the information in the six bullet point above. Keep in mind a typical slide takes at least a minute to present so your overall presentation my only be 5-6 content slides. You should have a title slide as well as a slide with your references placed in proper APA format. You will need to turn in a hard copy of your presentation (notes version) to your professor the day of the presentation.

Please refer to the rubric regarding the weights of each portion of the assignment and how you will be graded overall on the project.