[PPT, APA] Research and Theory

The purpose is to write a poster presentation for the nursing class. Attached you have the directions for this task. The presentation needs to be at least 10 slides long (excluding cover and reference page) and each slide should include a minimum of 150 words slide notes (speaker notes).

Scenario: s a BSN prepared Registered Nurse in a large academic medical center, you have applied to serve on a research team. One of the roles of the research team within your institution is to develop innovative approaches that enhance client experience and improve health outcomes. You recognize that one way you can impact client care is by participating on this team and providing evidence-based recommendations regarding the policies and procedures within the organization. As part of the interview process, you are asked to prepare a presentation explaining the relationship between research, theory, and evidence-based practice.

Please read the attached document as it contains the full request and will guide you towards the element which must be approached