Problem Analysis Paper for MGMT Class



A signiicant body of research has highlighted the power of learning through the use of self for case analysis.You were assigned to keep a log to note when you experienced conflict, what the issues were, who was involved, what you did, how well it worked, and how you felt in the process. From this you will pick one issue you wish to analyze throughout the quarter using course concepts. The selected case should be of substance (not a simple “do the dishes” situation) and preferably on-going (if not, then recently resolved). The selected problem must be something explicitly occurring among two or more parties (you being one of the involved parties). An internal conflict does not qualify. A focus on the latent issue(s) rather than the manifest behavior(s) may facilitate identifying a substantive option.Each installment (this is #1) should be roughly 4 pages (+/- 1)well proofread, well formatted, and Times Roman 12 point font. As for single or double space, I am inding that a single spaced paper that is well formatted (concise focused paragraphs, good use ofheadings and white space) can provide a superior presentation. You might look at the format of these guidelines as a format for outlining your paper. You might think in terms of each section below being one page long (give or take).