professional portfolio for grad school for forensic psychology police psychology

Final Project – Portfolio

During your time as an undergraduate student, you will have a range of experiences and will build several competencies and skills. Your portfolio will be one very explicit way of demonstrating to yourself, prospective graduate schools, and to prospective employers that you possess the skills and abilities in a variety of competency areas.

Portfolio Purpose: Record of each student’s academic goals, objectives, accomplishments, and future plans

Sections to complete for this assignment: Foreword, Personal Statement, Self-Assessments, Cover Letter, Professional Resume/CV, Academic Record, Academic and Professional Goals, Strategic Plan for meeting your goals.

As for the information you need about ME in order to do this portfolio I can work with you and provide any information needed. Here is some back ground.. I am a 33 year old mother of 4 and married. I am orginally from Chicago but moved to New Mexico at a young age. Currently residing in NC. I am at NC State University. I work hard, I am dedicated, and I have a love for criminal justice and psychology and have had that passion since I was in high school. I have a 4.0 GPA and have been on the deans list for four years. I made the National Honor Roll two years in a row as well. I have volunteered at Special Olympics, done food services for the needy and I volunteered in a shelter for abused women as well as a juvenile facility to mentor the youth.

I am providing some things I have written in order to give insight about me so it will make doing this portfolio easier I hope. But I can help with ANY questions needed in order to complete this. I AM COMPLETELY lost on how to build this so that is why I need help. Obviously it is just a school assignment and I am only using it to get the grade so If you have to buff it up to make it perfect then that is fine.

Again I am attaching somethings I have written as insight so you can write about ME in this portfolio from what you learn about me whether it is from these attached documents, or asking me. Thank you! I HAVE ATTACHED WHAT IS EXACTLY NEEDED AND REQUIRED IN FINAL PROJECT DOCUMENT BELOW. I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED 5 LABS THAT GIVE YOU INSIGHT ON ME WHICH SHOULD HELP YOU WRITE THIS. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT DOING THE ACADEMIC RECORD PART I WILL DO THAT AND THE RESUME.