Project on Monroe Doctrine, history homework help

For this Unit Project, you will be conducting extensive research. This is the key skill in this course, and by now, you have already completed several research projects. In this Unit Project, pay special attention to presenting your supporting evidence. Each fact needs to be introduced, stated, cited, and interpreted. For more information about this, visit the following:

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Your research must include both your textbook and outside resources such as books or websites. You need at least two resources in addition to your textbook, although more will lend strength to your argument. Make sure your sources are credible! Wikipedia will not be acceptable for this project. As always, include supporting examples for your claims, and quote and cite your sources throughout your paper.

For this Unit Project, plan your own research method.

Writing Prompt: What was the Monroe Doctrine, and what influence did it have? Discuss both positive and negative aspects of its influence.

  • Project Rubrics for this project attached below.

Your paper should be between 500-750 words. You must include a Works Cited page (including the textbook and two credible outside resources) as well as in-text citations.