Proposal of Management of a Company

Proposal for a company named S-Cape (only section III [Management])

Entry Mode

Are direct sales the optimal market entry mode, or a joint venture, franchising, wholly owned subsidiary, or a
partnership with the local distributors or retailers would be more effective? Or perhaps the product should be
sold via large online retailing platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, or the like?
If a partnership with a local distributor, retailer, or partner is advised, what companies would be the best
candidates for such partnership (list at least three, with contacts, descriptions, and tips for how to approach


What is the best way to ship the product to the new market? Should it be shipped directly to the end user, or first
to a warehouse or distributor? What shipping option/provider allows for the best combination of price, time, and
reliability? Are there import tariffs, custom duties, or other fees that the buyer or seller needs to pay and if so,
how much and how such payments can be made?