Topic: The members of your team are the co-directors of training in the Human Resources department of SunBright, Inc., a technology firm in Rockville, Maryland. Your boss, Zelma Silverman, director of Human Resources, is concerned that so many of the firm’s 2000 white-collar employees use their computers for hours each day but still do not know how to touch-keyboard. He believes the hunt-and-peck method is inefficient and increases the possibility of making errors when inputting data, thus lowering reliability.

Identify and evaluate three to five keyboarding software programs that meet these criteria, and write a formal report recommending the best one to Ms. Finkelstein. Justify your choice using primary and secondary research (at least 3 print articles and 2 World Wide Web sources).

Your primary audience will be Ms. Silverman. Your secondary audience will be your instructor and classmates.