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Educational Aims This module aims to: • Provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to work on a complex, integrated activity that consolidates and integrates previous skills and learning to a significant and specialised task. • Critically assess published research to determine methods of designing, implementing, measuring and monitoring success in the context of consultancy/ project management. • Design and conduct research into management or marketing issues using a range of business data, research sources and appropriate research methods. • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between theory and professional practice through the application of a range of appropriate assessment tools and techniques to measure consultancy success. • Critically evaluate project success and recommend appropriate actions to improve future implementation or to revise approaches to practice. • Encourage reflection to critically evaluate the success of a business related project and assess personal competence in light of current knowledge of the topic and future Mode of Assessment 1. Formative Assessments • Proposal produced in Competitive Intelligence (Semester 1) developed throughout the course to provide a project plan and clear aims and objectives. • During week 8 of your course students will be called together as a group to present to their colleagues a progress report of work conducted to date – the peer review process is a chance to evaluate your progress against those of your peers and discuss areas of commonality / challenges. Individuals are not expected to produce any PPT presentations but to discuss their project in an open and unbiased discussion where colleagues can challenge or investigate different aspects of each others project. The presentation is not expected to take more than 10 – 15 minutes per student and it is an opportunity for students to tell others what you have done towards your final project