public policy on race

In this course we have discussed a range of social issues associated to race and
public policy in the United States. Specifically, we have compared US history and policy.
We have discussed issues as far back as colonization, Transatlantic Slave Trade, to
current issues associated with policing, the mass prison industrial complex , as well as
new forms of racialized public policy in the 20th and 21st century.

For your final paper I want you to address the following: Using current event/s
discuss a U.S. public policy of your choosing. You must clearly address how the public
policy is related to our course. Please be clear in identifying any additional
epistemological connections to American public policy. What is important about the
public policy you are discussing? How does your paper’s discussion connect to our class
discussion / reading material? Do you have any suggestions? What are your thoughts?
How has this class helped you arrive at your suggestions?


MLA format and Double- Spaced

Bibliography (cite appropriately)

At least 6 sources (2 each from at least 2 of the textbooks, 1-2 current events, and at least 2 of your own
chosen in the form of an academic journal / research article)


Lopez, Ian Haney. (2006). White by law: The legal construction of race.
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Alexander, Michelle. (2012). The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in
the age of colorblindness.
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Bonilla- Silva, Eduardo. (2018). Racism without racists: Color-blind
racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America.
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