question below in requirements 1

Case Study:

Jamie, age 18 is an at-risk young male, currently living in foster care. His foster parents are John and Jane Moran. The Morans worry about what Jamie will do after high school graduation, as he has lived in over 10 foster homes, in the past 5 years. Jamie would like to attend a university, attain a degree in Accounting and become a CPA. He has never had access to the resources he needs, although is GPA is a 4.0. Jamie has no idea which universities have the best Accounting programs, so he has not taken the ACT or applied to any colleges/universities. Jamie will graduate next fall.

The Case Worker meet with he and his foster parents to will assess, map goals, as well as provide pertinent resources, for this young man’s goals.

You will write a minimum of 200 words to explain how you would prepare for the meeting, introduce yourself to this family, and assist the client with his goals. Use APA formatting and content, as well as a minimum of 2 professional references. Only .gov, .edu, .org will be acceptable, NO .com.