Question one (22 pts): What explains the performance of Edward Jones in 2005? Use tools and framework (Porters five forces, ) to address this question. Question two (18 pts): What changes, if any would you recommend to Edward Jones’ strategy? Identify


  • Quantify the performance of the industry relative to the economy, and Edward Jones relative to the industry, ROE and ROS relative to the industry average and exploring/expanding on differences.
  • Using porters five-forces analysis of the industry to consider why it is un/attractive and how it was changing, and interpret this in terms of the impacts to industry and business.
  • Utilise Who/what/How framework directly linking Edward Jones’ choices to its historical success/challenges
    • Who-What-How Framework

• WHO: is our customer/stakeholder? • in terms of customer/stakeholder segments • in terms of geographic regions

• WHAT: do we sell/provide to our customers/stakeholders? • Value proposition

• HOW: do we make, market and distribute products to customers/stakeholders? • Delivering the value proposition to targeted customers • Value chain activities

  • Analyse corporate strategy, business strategy and value chain activities using frameworks