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Please use this textbook for every answer. No other sources are meant to be used. The textbook, Introduction to Mennonite History by C.J. Dyck. Please arrange your own book Or I have an e-book. Make sure each answer is at least a paragraph in length. Cite page numbers for the textbook and use Chicago style. Every question must include the following: identifying or defining the term and the other half for giving its significance to this course. Avoid broad generalizations. Answers based on online sources WILL NOT be marked.

(1) Separation of church and state (2) Elder Gerhard Penner

(3) Berislav

(4) Klaas Reimer

(5) Judge Adamson

(6)1974 Mennonite commemoration (7) Mutual Aid

(8) Reiseschuld

(9) School Attendance Act, 1916 (10) Menno-Pause

(11) Tainted biography

(12) Privilegium

(13) Memorandum of understanding