quote analysis and response discussion post

  1. Please pick one quote from the reading assigned to you (Rumi, The Masnavi, pp. 100-118) Page numbers are the bold ones in right margin
  2. Please include this quote in your post in quotation marks and offer a simple in-text citation (author last name page number). E.g: (Hodgson 70)
  3. Please offer a ~100-150 words analysis of the quote, reflecting on how it is connected to the whole text itself, the lectures and other readings we have done so far.
  4. Once you have posted your analysis, please respond to at least two other posts using the 3C+Q model and include at least three elements of the model in your answer. This model stands for:
    1. Compliment: Constructiveness is key. Compliment your friend on something they wrote that you particularly liked: “Great/excellent reading of…, “I really liked how/that…”
    2. Comment: Engage and reflect on your friend’s post. You can agree or politely disagree with their statement: “I agree that… because…” or “I can see how that could be read in this way; however, I think that… because…”
    3. Connection: Connect what your friend shared to something you wrote, to the lectures, or the readings: “This also ties really well into…because…”
    4. Question: Ask a specific question about the post to keep the conversation going. “I wonder if this could also suggest…”/“Could this be also related to…?”/“This could perhaps…”

    Below I will attach the readings, and the other two discussion posts.discussion posts should be the same length as your post as well.