Read material and answer questions

Chapter One: Black on Black History by Candis Watt Smith

1. How does the author describe race relations in Latin America and the Caribbean?
2. How does the author describe race relationships in Africa?
3. Pick either Afro-Cubans, Haitians or West Indians and describe their relationships with African Americans in the United States?

Chapter Two: Diasporic Consciousness: Theorizing Black Pan-Ethnic Identity and Intraracial Poltics
1. How does sociological literature typically portray the relationships between Black immigrants and African Americans? 46
2. What does classical Black politics literature say about African Americans’ political attitudes?
3. Why does the author think sociological literature on Black immigrants and Africans Americans and classical Black politics literature seem contradictory? What theory does she propose? 47
4. Why does the author think pan-ethnic identities is useful for understanding Blackness? 56-57


write a solid paragraph, 5-10 sentences, on the assigned readings.