Reading assigment


i need the answers for these 5 questions from the article which i uploaded ..


  • According to the reading, what is data?
  • Stuff that exists in the real world
  • Phenomena in space
  • Records of observations of phenomena
  • Records of quantitative information

  • Which of the below would be considered qualitative data that could be mapped?
  • The location of different kinds of businesses.
  • Median household income in the U.S. by census tract.
  • Location of public schools symbolized by the total student population of each school.
  • Crime rates by neighborhood.


  • Digital data is stored either in vector or raster form. This semester, we will be working almost entirely with vector data. Which of the below types of data are considered vector data?
  • Points
  • Lines
  • Polygons (also known as areas)
  • All of the above


  • When evaluating data accuracy, what are some important questions to keep in mind?
  • When was the data gathered?
  • Are there any assumptions behind the data?
  • Is the data displayed factually?
  • All of the above.


  • What is an example of secondary data? Please choose the best answer.
  • Location information collected from cell phones.
  • A public repository of data, like Washington, D.C.’s Open Data website.
  • Direct observations of phenomena, for example, in-person recording of the cleanliness of neighborhood streets.
  • None of the above.