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Assignment 2


  1. Using the questions from Table 2-6 in your textbook, provide a written response to each of the nine strategic staffing decisions with a justification for each of your responses.

 Table 2-6 Nine Elements of the Staffing Strategy

  1. Do we want a core or flexible workforce?
  2. Do we prefer to hire internally or externally?
  3. Do we want to hire for or train and develop needed skills?
  4. Do we want to replace or retain our talent?
  5. What levels of which skills do we need where?
  6. Will we staff proactively or reactively?
  7. Which jobs should we focus on?
  8. Is staffing treated as an investment or a cost?
  9. Will staffing be centralized or decentralized?

 2. Describe the existing staffing systems in place for this job. How does the company recruit and  select people for this position?
 3. Add your responses to your assignment 1 report and submit for grading.