reflection on basho

This reflection will differ drastically from earlier ones. To know what to do, you must open the attached file that is included with these general instructions; it has the more detailed instructions, and also, it is where you will actually do the reflection.

Note also that there is reading that is needed to do this reflection, but all you need to do is quickly skim it. Please do not get bogged down in it; the detailed instructions tell you to focus only on the haiku, very short poems of several lines. Here is the link to this reading, which is of Basho’s famous travel journal, Narrow Road to the Deep North:

NOTE:This above is not a live link. You will need to copy it, paste it into your browser, and reach the reading that way; sorry.

Submission instructions:

  1. Please use the attached file; make it your own by adding your responses as instructed, and then changing the filename as instructed below.
  2. Save your document as either MS Word or as Rich Text. Please save your document using the filename Reflection 4 plus your initials.
  3. Then, in this very window, attach your file: Browse your computer to where you have saved the file,
  4. click to highlight and select it,
  5. then click on Open to attach it. You will see the attached file here below; if you do not, you have done something wrong.