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In this chapter, you will learn about employee behavior and motivation. After you have read Chapter 8, please use the topic below as a starting point for class discussions, but please feel free to generate and initiate your own topics, including any questions or comment you may have for the concepts and content of this chapter.

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1. Please read the chapter-opening case “Living Wage” on page 25 and answer the following questions: What are your thoughts on Aetna’s wage increases? Does a wage increase improve productivity and morale at a company? Tell me about your experiences if you have worked about wage increases?

please reply those 2

Primary Post – Responding to Instructor

1. I think the wage increase was a good thing for the employee’s. It helps them in dealing with the cost of living going up everywhere, and also boosting the morale around the office. It showed the employees, that they do matter, and are being paid for what they have to deal with, like those in the call centers. So by increasing pay, it helped these low paid people live their lives day by day, by increasing pay, this reduces stress making the work environment more peaceful.

2. I think an increase would help productivity as well morale. So by increasing pay, it helped these low paid people live their lives day by day, by increasing pay, this reduces stress making the work environment more peaceful, boosting morale. By increasing the wages, research has shown that low-wage workers are more likely to quit than their higher paid counterparts. CEO Mark Bertolini thinks that the pay raise increased productivity in the company.

3. I personally haven’t worked with low wages. I feel like this kind of relates to those who work for fast food restaurants and how they want pay increases for a job that was mean’t for high school kids or kids working part time in college, it was made for people to live off of. I think there are some jobs that should have higher pay, like teachers, I think teachers are very underpaid. What people don’t realize though is that when the wages increase the cost of living goes up, so you will never be ahead, you will always be trying to keep up.


I believe the Aetna’s wage increase was a smart move, it encourages and satisfies current employees and possible even boost productivity. However, wage increase may not always be a good thing.

I do believe that with wage increase will improve or increase morale and or productivity in a company. If a company increases its pay, that is usually a sign that the company is doing better and making money which in turn means they can use it to pay workers more or spend it on other resources.

The problem with wage increases is when it becomes mandatory for businesses to raise it. This is usually due to a law coming from a county, state, federal, etc to raise minimum wage. At this point it is generally good for CURRENT workers but not NEWworkers. Current workers will have more money in their pockets and work harder. The problem is when it comes to new workers or other outside factors. For instance struggling companies or small business are going to be unwilling to hire new workers. Some may move depending on the increase, for them why pay an employee $11.00 an hour in California when they can move to North Carolina and pay employees $7.25 an hour. It also might scare future businesses from forming or settling in said areas. Another possible cause is that inflation might happen. Stores can see this increase and see it as charging more for their product or services.

I have not really experienced wage increase as it was more of a pay raise. On top of that starting pay can be anywhere between $15.00 to &25.00, maxing out at $45.00 an hour. This is well above California’s $11.00 so a wage increase will be highly unlikely for a long time.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with laws concerning minimum wage or wage in general. They are there so that employees can’t be paid ridiculous low amounts of money. Increasing it will generally be for the better. There are just many factors that need to be taken into account as this can effects economy, living standards, economic circulation, inflation, etc.