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Here are four basic steps that can be taken to protect corporate trade secrets. Limit the information on laptops, especially when taking it on a business trip (Yakowicz, n.d.). Make sure your trade secret policies comply with state laws (Yakowicz, n.d.). Beef up protocols, by ensuring there are correct markings on all documents, passwords on files, and limit the number of assistants who have access (Yakowicz, n.d.). Keep a close eye on an employee who is leaving the company (Yakowicz, n.d.) Lastly, do not bring your own device to work. Companies at that level should have a smartphone for their employees to use for work calls and emails (Yakowicz, n.d.).

I think it is important for the systems that corporation use for trade should be more a secured system and everyone who has access has their own access card or even a finger print access, so that every time they gain access it records it. So, you know who and when someone gains access. Also, everyone will be restricted to only what they should have access to and if someone is trying to access, they do not have clearance for, it imminently sends a red flag to security and locks them out of the whole system. The one challenge I think will always be there is ensuring you have loyal employees. Conducting background checks and continuously making sure employees do not get into a situation where they would sell secrets for money or get blackmailed is important.


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