Research Presentation

Need help in creating a 5 minute powerpoint presentation, discussing the 3 sources provided that you helped me write the bibliography about.

Narrowed topic: Emotional Influence on Actions (How over-loving/jealousy of Aya towards Jun lead her to be abusive towards rie – The Diving Pool Novella )


1. Decide on a focused purpose for your presentation.

This presentation will need a purpose – a clearly narrowed topic and 3 sources that offer us different perspectives or takes on this narrowed topic. What do you want to tell the class about your topic based on the research you’ve found?

2. Select your sources based on your narrowed topic:
You’ll want to consider each source’s context, significance, extensiveness, and appropriateness.
• What is the source’s context? Where was it published? Is it peer-reviewed/scholarly? Who is the author? What are the author’s credentials?
• How significant is the source? In what ways does the make a new point or contribute to what we know about the topic?
• How extensive is the source? Does it delve into depth and detail about the topic over several pages or more?
• How appropriate is the source? Does it directly address your focused purpose or angle, or does it address a related but less central aspect of your general topic? Does it contribute to your understanding of your narrow topic, or does it inform you of the broader context or a related but more tangential aspect of the topic?

3. Put together the materials for the presentation.

However, whether you use handouts or presentation software, keep in mind that you’ll want to include only brief amounts of text to keep us focused. DON”T FORGET A COMPLETE WORKS CITED!


Documents attached;

– The 3 sources

– The grading criteria