Research project of Mozambique

This project gives you an opportunity to not only learn more about a developing country, but also get directly involved at the grassroots level in that country.

1.Construct an economic profile of your country using data from the CIA World Factbook. You will collect data, construct a visually appealing table and analyze two variables from the data you have collected.

2. Conduct a needs assessment for your country using data from UN Human Development Report. You will present the data you’ve collected and identify a key development issue for your country. You will then come up with a policy targeting that issue.

3. Using the site (Links to an external site.), find a loan being fundraised by someone in your country. If you cannot find a loan in your country, find one in a country that is nearby or shares a lot of the same cultural and economic characteristics. For this assignment, you will be analyzing the microfinance institution that is administering the loan (Kiva refers to them as “field partners.”) Your analysis will consider things like the organizations mission, experience, changes in status, financial health, risk rating, accountability, borrowing costs, and profit motivation.


4. In this report, you will discuss why you chose this particular loan. You can even fund their loan (minimum of $25), though I do not require you to do so given the financial hardships many are facing. Explain the factors that influenced your choice of borrower such as geography, gender, sector, group/individual lending, etc. Be sure to justify your choice by referencing the topics we have discussed in class. Then discuss how your loan will contribute to development in the borrower’s country. Be specific about the particular issue that your loan addresses and why the loan you are making will promote development.