Respond to Discussion Questions

Please answer each question “separately” in at least 250 words each. The answers must be in APA format and include at least one different reference source for each. Please read each question “carefully” and make sure that your answer reflects “exactly” what’s being asked in the questions.

1. Find research that differs with Lord Zuckerman’s view that apes are qualitatively unlike humans with respect to language capabilities. Zuckerman suggests that humans have it and apes do not despite the fact that they can learn semantic content of individual words. Choose a view (apes are or apes are not like us) and make an argument for it.

2. Identify a verb in English that supports Whorf’s linguistic relativity hypothesis in that it shapes our view of reality in a selective way. This is in the sense that an alternative view of the same thing is not only possible, but may be a better description of the relevant physical or social reality. Is your example consistent with the relativity hypothesis?