Respond to my professors comments about my initial PSYCH discussion

I wrote my initial discussion and my professor comments with a question…I need you to respond to the professor’s question with at least 200 words and a reference.


My specialization is in the area of child adolescent development. This area of specialization in the field of psychology focuses on child development and the issues that are related to the making of ethical decisions among adolescent children. This field of specialization affects practitioners in either a direct or indirect ways. The whole life of adolescence stage of life is studied, this includes the parental aspects, puberty and also the completion of the stage. There are various things that are considered in the study, the physical development of a child is studied, the mental development and also cognitive aspects of child development. The study involves studying the various aspects in various contexts in the society including culture and families.“The Government has recognised that we require the development of a competent, confident and valued workforce, as a critical part of its reform agenda to improve children’s outcomes (Aldgate, Jones, Rose, Jeffery, 2006).

There are various concepts related to this field of study. First is understanding child development. This is the biological and emotional and physical changes that take place at the adolescent stage. In this case, the terms growth and development of a child are described fully. There are the main areas that are described to show growth and development. The field of study describes physical development in terms of the size of the body. There is also emotional development relating to the ability to show emotions. The ability of a child to socialize with people is also a key concept of the field of study. There is a difference between a child needs and those of an adult. There is a need to understand child rights and protect adolescents from any kind of abuse.

This area of study relates to the current situation in the world where there is a lot of causes related to child abuse. There are various cases in the society where children development needs are not met and thus ending up spoiling children lives. The level of substance abuse among adolescents has gone high due to poor child development. In the society, children have experienced mistreatments from the adults and also have been abused in various ways.

Aldgate, Jane & Jones, David & Rose, Wendy & Jeffery, Carole. (2006). The Developing World of the Child.


Hi, this is a really wide subject, isn’t – covering the birth through the end of adolescence. Are you more interested in “problems” such as abuse and substance issues, or researching the course of normal development?

Dr. H