​​Respond to the posts of three members with at least 75 words for each.

Respond to the posts of three members with at least 75 words for each.
Your responses should explain things you agree or disagree with, or new thoughts you have based on the person’s original post.

Member 1. From the beginning, as we started learning about Mother Teresa, how much faith she has in God, and how much she loved God, I had a lot of positive thoughts about her. Now, when I read “Mother Teresa’s Crisis of Faith” by David Van Biema, my positive thoughts about her did not change. After reading the first article, I got overwhelmed with a lot of questions like, why did she not have faith in God from the beginning?

After reading “The Dogmatic Doubter,” the atheist writer Christoper Hitchens, I got a little pissed. I personally think that the writer “overlooked” and skimmed through all of mother Teresa’s tough work.

overall, we all get to a point in our lives where we “wrestle” or start questioning God’s presence, or not having faith. But then “miracles” or prove/ answers to your questions are answered by God to show you his presence.

Member 2. Reading these articles about Mother Theresa did not change my opinion about her at all. Everyone has times in their lives when things are hard, and they seem like they cannot find God to be there. Honestly, in my opinion, there are two possibilities of what could actually be happening. One is that God is being silent on purpose in order for him to test Mother Theresa. The other is that Satan could be trying to attack Mother Theresa through discouragement. As we all know now, that did not work because of all the wonderful things that Mother Theresa has done over the time that she spent in Calcutta, India. I honestly think that Hitchens is just pointing out one time that Mother Theresa might have just been discouraged. If anything, her crisis that she had makes me look more positively at her because it shows that everyone can struggle, but also, everyone can persevere through the trouble as well.

Member 3. Reading these articles did not change my opinion of Mother Teresa. I grew up learning about Mother Teresa as being someone who is genuine and loved taking care of the people in need. Like every human being, no one is perfect, and neither was she. It doesn’t change the way I’ve seen her these past years. I know that sometimes we might even question the presence of God during a frustration moment. But just like Mother Teresa, we believe in a God, and that is who we have faith on. It took many years for Mother Teresa to feel the presence of God and maybe some of us will never feel it the way Mother Teresa felt God’s presence. But if we have faith in our God then he will hear our prayers. Although author Hitchens did not say many good things about Mother Teresa, I think at the end of the day everyone has an opinion, and we will believe in whoever or whatever we want.