Revise an Expository Essay, English Assignment Homework Help

You may recall that unity means that all the parts of a text belong together. All the paragraphs and sentences relate to the topic andthesis , whether explicit or implicit. All the details help support the thesis. The essay doesn’t contain any passages that stray from the topic or the thesis.

Think of the essay as a clock. All the parts of the clock fit together and perform a job that helps make the clock run accurately. No springs or gears just hang there without any purpose.

Deleting Digressions

When you reread your draft, you may find parts that are not unified. If you find disunity in your draft, you’ll probably need to delete the passages that create the disunity. Virginia did that with her first draft.

Any part of a text that strays from the main topic is called a digression . Delete digressions from your essay.

Recognizing Coherence

Coherence means that all the passages in the text lead from one to the next in a sensible, readable way. Connections between sentences, paragraphs, and ideas are clear and understandable.The parts of the text are arranged in an order that supports one another.

When a passage lacks coherence, a reader may have responses such as, “Why is this paragraph after that paragraph? Their order should be reversed.” Or, “This sentence doesn’t follow from the previous sentence.”

Lack of coherence makes a text confusing.

Remember to revise for both content and structure. Content includes language and ideas. Structure means organization. Look for sentence variety, and if it is not present in your first draft, add some.Check the details that you provide. Delete unnecessary details and add details where they are needed to support your thesis.