Revise and edit outline ***VERY EASY*****

Please read the teachers comments and fix the outline according to them. *********************Teachers comments on what needs to be fixed BELOW**********************

Themes are not topics such as “technology and modernization” or “friendship.” Those are topics. A theme says something ABOUT a topic; it’s an assertion. The rest of the outline is vague because it tries to cover topics instead of themes.

*************************Prompt of the outline below Below***************************

I am a big believer in outlines because I think they help clarify your thinking. For your literary analysis essay, please create a one-page outline that resembles the type of outlines shared in our first moduleView in a new window. For a literary analysis essay, your outline should include:

  1. A one-sentence thesis statement.
  2. At least three main sections.
    1. That show a logical train of thought
    2. That include several explanatory details
    3. That include the sources you will use as support
    4. That are written in phrases — long enough to be understood by the reader.
      1. These should NOT be written merely as one or two words.
      2. These should NOT be written as sentences
  3. At outline does not need to include a conclusion
  4. This particular outline should clearly show whether you’re focusing on the book or the relationship between the book and the movie. Also, it should highlight what is the focus of your analysis (character, theme, and so on).

Although your outline may be rather brief, a reader should be able to get a good idea of your essay from reading just the outline.

The outline is due one week before the essay is due. Additionally, I will ask that two other classmates anonymously review your outline and give you feedback. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

***************Outline Below********************

Ashkenazi, Sean

Proffesor Yablon

English M01A

March 8, 2018

Literary Analysis Essay outline

  1. Introduction:

The book “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov is a science fiction novel that focuses on robotics. Robotics is the development of human like machines that can undertake complex functions. The book foretells the future world whereby robots will become a crucial part of the society. However, the author imagines that we the humans will not trust the robotics completely which will in turn result to a conflict between the robots and human.

II. Thesis Statement:

The paper being a literary analysis essay, seeks to highlight and discuss one major theme in details and one minor theme evident throughout the book in all the stories. The major theme is technology and modernization, and the minor one is friendship.

III. Major theme of technology and modernization

  1. This theme is the first and most prevalent theme evident in the book. I, Robot is a typical science fiction book as it assumes some technology that does not exist as we see Isaac the author trying to imagine what life would be like if we had the robots.
  2. The great technology in this novel is definitely the robot.
  3. The robot in this book is compared to any other form of technology since they do not differ with other technological innovations in our real lives.
  4. “When these stations were first established to feed solar energy to the planets, they were run by humans. However…” (Asimov 2). Despite this paragraph giving us a reasonable history of the technology in human space, it directs us to one of the major issues with technology.

IV. The author also uses other things as evidences of the technological innovations

  1. At some place in the book, a lady is applying lipstick which shows us that though there has been much progress in technological innovations, women will still have lipsticks, eye shadows, and other makeup accessories.

V. Minor theme of friendship

  1. Minor theme evident throughout the book is that of friendship. Friendship is interesting in I, Robot since there are several close relationships in the book. However, it is not certain in referring these relationships as genuine friendships.
  2. One of the most “stable” relationships in the book is that between Powell and Donovan.
  3. Though they may be taken as very close friends, we find them having conflicts and spending most of their time struggling with issues between them.
  4. Though friendship plays a huge role in each and everyone’s life, the author seems to present a world where friendship does not matter much.