search and find out how local girls and boys clubs will answer these questions

Each student will have to gain approval from a community or civic agencies to volunteer 5 hours of services. After the services is completed the student will write a one and half (1 ½) page report about what activities were performed, what the mission of the organization is, and what section of the population does the agency serve. The report MUST be APA style 6th edition and the cover page does not count for the 1 ½ pages.

What is the program?

Identify the Benefits (Emotional, Physical, or Social).

What is the Philosophical Premise (Pragmatism, Idealism, Realism, or Humanism)?

What is the leisure service delivery system (Governmental, Nonprofit, Private, Commercial, or Tourism/Hospitality)?

Identify how you will meet the stages of the model of service quality (Product, Functional, Image and Excellence Quality).

Explain the process that your program will do to meet Customer Service with external and internal users.

Identify the activity area that this program will operate within.

Which type of program format will be used.

Conduct a needs assessment and explain the results to justify this program. What was the method used in the process?

What will be your Vision statement for this program?

What will be your marketing plan?

What will be your operations plan?

What is your budget and what will be the fees to cover your cost?

Risk Management plan.

How will you evaluate the success or failure of the program?

Wrap up of the program.