Self-assessments (750 words): Class Personal Goals


Assignment Purpose: to set goals for yourself and assess how well you’ve met those goals

Instructions: you will submit a Personal Goals Statement during the first week of class and submit a What I have Learned Analysis during the final week.

Part 1)

Prepare a paper (at least 750 words) that identifies your Personal Goals for this course. This statement should be specific and detailed.The paper should also contain a description of how you plan to meet your goals. If it helps, you are welcome to set weekly goals and a time schedule. You should do whatever will help you think through why you are taking this particular course and how it fits in with your overall learning goals.

I need only Part 1


Part 2)

Submit a What I have Learned Analysis during the final week of class. Prepare another paper (at least 750 words) in which you analyze how well you met your personal goals for the course. If your goals changed, discuss how and if unforeseen goals emerged, describe what they were. Conclude the paper by assigning yourself an overall-grade based on your performance in the course.