Self reflection paper

assignment of this course invites you to look back on your work this semester and consider what you have learned about writing, speech, and multimodal communication in our Discourse class in addition to and/or in combination with what you have learned in your Anchor Course.”

Should include the following topics:

1. Your personal strengths (in the areas of discourse) 2. Areas that improved this semester

As a result of this class

As a result of your other classes

As a result of actions or experiences outside of classes.

3. Areas that you need improvement which are: presenting to people.

4. A specific plan for working on those areas in the future.

5. Since I am criminal justice major, I want to talk about how discource and anchor will help me on my job like communicating with people

It doesn’t have to be in this exact order, however.

The writing should be 3 pages, APA format