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Why does bad service exist?There are many reasons for bad service. The reasons are endless and often appear to be out of direct control. Some appear acceptable to the staff ,the manager, or even the guests. Following is a list of common excuses. While many may appear legitimate, none is truly acceptable.The idea is that with good services even food that was not of good quality can matter but poor services renders even good food no to be appreciated by customers hence it is better to have good services even if the food is not as equally good.Why does bad service exist?

1.How would your reframe some of those excuses to a customer?

The customer is always right” also sets a standard for the customer service department that strives for excellence. Customer service experiences are one of the leading causes of customer loyalty and customer loss. Every customer matters. Therefore, businesses should strive to create an environment of consistent extra-mile type service. It is essential for you that you are communicating effectively so that you and your customers can find the best possible solution to any issue. Also allowing the customer to be right in the midst of disputes is the smart way to handle business relations. It is not worth it to risk destruction by insisting on being right. Sometimes it is best to just stay focused on the big picture and let things go. It is also essential that you don’t forget the customers that helped make your business what it is today.

2. Do you think there is contradiction if the customer is always right?

3.Are there ways to strive for customer service excellence without making the customer always right?

I enjoyed reading your post and agree with especially in reference to customer feedback. In our restaurant there are basically two elements that determine our success rate in meeting customer expectations and customer satisfaction. They are (a) the frequency of the customer’s return business, and (b) customer feedback Feedback is a vital element in how we measure our productivity and progress.

One valuable tool in obtaining feedback is through social media where several groups of customers and potential customers communicate with each other. Word of mouth can be your best advertising, but also can be a devastating blow to your business through unsatisfied customers. Feedback can show an owner or management the direction needed to pursue toward change.the frequency of the customer’s return business, and (b) customer feedback Feedback is a vital element in how we measure our productivity and progress.

4.Do you think an owner who responds to a negative review changes the customer perception?

Brand management, per our text is the idea of organizing and controlling a theme that is consistent throughout the entirety of a company. This is certainly easier said and done more so in some companies versus others. The company I currently work for, I feel out brand may be one but the interests and scope is different based on what side of the operation we’re on. If we’re on the independent contractor side of things our experiences and objectives are more towards the agent, whereas if you’re on the client side of the operation, your goal is to appease the clients expectation 100%. To achieve a happy medium is quiet the feat that I feel at times, makes it hard for our company to solidify one brand and really stick to it.

Before experiencing this, I would have thought brand management being much easier than it really is. I have recently developed a new found respect for brand management and all efforts and strategies it encompasses. It is a vital part of company’s image and it’s success.

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