For this assignment I want you to use all that you have learned so far – shapes, pen tool (manipulation of shapes), gradients and lettering. Some examples: Comic book cover examples.pdfView in a new window

Using Adobe Illustrator – create a document 8 ½” x 11” to make your comic book cover.

When designing your cover think about the following design elements:

Color: Use a limited palette but high contrast.

Composition: Use your space wisely – equalize the positive and negative spaces, find interesting angles and try to be asymmetrical.

Originality: Be creative and unique, try to give your cover your own special personality – don’t just simply copy someone else’s cover. It is ok to look at others’ works to get inspired and get ideas, but just as in art and music, you have to make that “song” or “painting” your own. It is real easy to plagiarize in Graphic Design.

Some Dont’s in this assignment:

No floating heads

Don’t ignore the background

Unreadable wording – Watch were you place words – black lettering on a black surface cannot be read. Small outlined letters do not print legibly. Think hierarchy. Please look at examples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at examples – What do all comic book covers have in common? What makes a cover stand out? What makes you want to read a comic book? There are lots of examples on the Internet – just google comic book covers.

You need to turn this assignment in as an Illustrator document.

Project due at beginning of next class.

Upload to Canvas assignment > title file “ Your Name_project4.pdf”