short essay for each question total 4

Answer four (4) of the following eight (8) questions in short essay form. Use quotes for each short essay.Two of the answers will address either Faust Part One or Frankenstein.

  • Summarize Faust 3, “The Prologue in Heaven.”What similarities do you see between it and the first chapters of Genesis?What similiarity do you see between it and the Prologue (chapter 1) of The Book of Job?Describe Faust’s similarities with Prometheus and Lucifer/Satan in scene 4 0f Faust (“Night”).
  • Summarize the action and dialogue between Faust and Mephistopheles in Faust 6 (“Faust’s Study I”).
  • Mephistopheles enjoys himself dressing up in Faust 7 (“Faust’s Study II”).What are his (dis)guises?What is his final message to the freshman student and where does it come from?If you don’t believe in devils, what is Mephistopheles?
  • What happens in the witch’s kitchen (Faust 9)?What does Faust really see in the mirror?
  • Beginning with the story of “Safie” in chapter XIV of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein:The Modern Prometheus, name and describe the succession of “framing” stories that enfold each other up to Mary Shelley’s novel itself.What did she intend by using the framing device?
  • Summarize the monster’s story as recounted in Chapters XI-XVII.What parallels do you find therein with the story of mankind in Hesiod and Genesis?
  • In light of what you have learned of Prometheus and Lucifer/Satan, why did Shelley name Dr. Victor Frankenstein “the modern Prometheus”?What are the parallels with the power of mankind in the twenty-first century?
  • Give two examples of why we might think that Viktor Frankenstein is a psychopath.Why would a “modern Prometheus” be psychopathic?