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1Claudio:Diversion discussion

Although studies show that diversion programs can be helpful for juveniles, other studies also show concern about such programs. Some programs are limited and can not be pursued to their full extent in order not to violate the persons civil rights. Also diversion programs have shown that at times in stead of helping juveniles rehabilitate they can at times cause recidivism which is the complete opposite outcome such programs are aiming for. Some studies have also shown that juveniles involved in diversion programs can also be victims of labeling by peers because they take part in such therapy or group sessions which can cause an increased perception of labeling for them.

2Selim:Diversion discussion

Some of the advantages you can take from this program is people care about the person committing these crimes. They put someone in front of these juveniles that care and it kind of helps them out in life knowing that there is someone wanting them to do better in life. These are life experiences that they probably don’t receive at home or get any type of help from others. If you look at it majority of these juveniles come from broken homes and have no one around them except people that are steering them in the wrong direction.

As these treatments continue people start believing in themselves and start thinking different. People that are the ones talking are encourage them to do better and change for the better.

+ main post around 200 words (1-2 paragraphs)post on YOU BE THE JUDGE:

Mike is a 13-year old male on trial for burglarizing a neighbor’s house. He already has a juvenile record. At age 11 he was arrested for shoplifting. The store owner declined to press charges. He was released. At age 12, he was arrested and placed on probation for drug possession. You are the judge assigned to this case. You must now make a decision. You can place Mike on probation and allow him to be monitored by probation staff and maintain the conditions of probation. OR You can place Mike in a secure correctional facility for up to 3 years. You have to decide!

Be sure to defend your stance. Refer back to the goals of corrections. Identify pros of your stance and cons of the other. Which goals and philosophy of juvenile corrections influence you the most? You are free to make up details of the case if necessary to support your answer.