Simple Essay writing 700 words

This is a very simply writing essay, use simple grammar, add grammar mistakes, and don’t use complex sentence format. total word count 700-750. Need 3 academic research citation, I post these 3 articles in the attach file, can use them directly. APA format. There is on example essay, please check. One grading Rubric. For the introduction paragraph, need to use my previous writing essay to minimize into this essay’s introduction paragraph, my previous essay is post in the attached file, title “Background History Paper-Xinhui Zhou”.

Here is the writing requirement:

This is not an argumentative paper, yet.In this paper, you are highlighting the different (and probably contrasting) viewpoints about your research question with accompanying evidence. You need at least one piece of evidence to support each viewpoint you give.

Paper Guidelines:

A. Relevant and differing viewpoints on your research question. You need a minimum of two viewpoints, but you can add more. Each viewpoint must have some research (evidence from an outside source) to support it.

B. At least 3 articles cited and referenced (Yes, they can be the ones that you have put into your research journal submissions.)

C. APA reference list at the end of the paper.

D. Around 700-800 words (remember that ~500 of these are coming from your revised Background/History paper)

E. Most of your source citations should be paraphrased by now. Limit direct quotes to sentences with highly specialized vocabulary that is difficult or impossible to paraphrase.

F.Strong and accurate topic sentences.

G. A minimum of sentence structure problems. (If you think that this will be a challenge for you, I suggest visiting the UO Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center or the brand new online writing lab–OWL).

H. Your research question as your paper title

I. Your introduction should be a revision of your background/history paper. Remember you should not have a thesis yet, and you don’t yet need a conclusion yet – just your research question, introduction, and contrasting viewpoints with support!