SOWK 4410: Implementation of Social Welfare Policy

My topic is public assistance.


By now, you should have located several sources/references to support the information you will present in your Policy Analysis Paper One/Two. You will use these sources and/or locate additional sources create a very short annotated bibliography based on your selected topic. Most bibliographies include at least ten sources/references. However, for this assignment you will include at least five specific types of academic sources. The three sources must include:

3 Peer review Article written in APA format

1 book (not your textbook) written in the APA format: (book can be an electronic book from library)

1 Government or Research Based website (i.e. Center for Disease and Control and/or American Heart Association)

Sources should be current (written within 5 years [2012−2017]) Please make sure its current sources

Review the information above to learn more about an Annotated Bibliography. Use the following format for this assignment:

Cover Page

Brief Introduction (one paragraph) of your topic to include one academic source cited in APA.

Annotated Bibliography (see examples)

Reference list (on a separate page)

Examples of an ANNOTATED

AICPA sets ethical standards for outsourcing. (2005). Journal of Accountancy, 199(1), 8.

Retrieved from

This article presents the new standards for outsourcing developed by the AICPA ethics committee. The standards are summarized, and a brief discussion is included of the implications going forward for business and international trade. The authors indicate that changes to the business community will be relatively minor. This is a helpful source for getting an overview of the current ethics standards in outsourcing.