strategic leadership 8

I need the initial discussion response to the guidelines attached in 24 hours. The response to two classmates post are due by Saturday also following the guidelines. I will provide the tutor the two posts to respond too after they provide my the initial post.


The best way at times to study strategic leadership is to study someone that has been there. Please review the video case study of The Risa of Jack Ma and Alibaba. Also review the video from Ja Ma – How to Become a Billionaire. You will find that Mr. Ma did not seek success for the sake of money, but for personal reasons to become the best of himself.

Please answer each of the following questions from Chapter 11 and the videos.

Ja Ma can be considered a transformative leader. What are the qualities you see in him that makes him a transformative leader? How has that had an impact on his business?

What do you think sets him apart from other leaders you may have heard of?

Do you think Mr. Ma seeks to do the right things or doing things right? Please explain.

What are the best ways leaders can set the direction of an organization?

Please post your initial response by Wednesday night. Please respond to two other classmates post between Thursday and Saturday night. All post should be on different days.

Direct link to both videos:

The grading rubric and guidelines for the initial response and the response to two other classmates is attached